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Bonus Marks in NEET 2017: Questions (Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology)

Have you checked answer key of NEET 2017? According to experts from ALLEN Kota and Aakash Institute, there are bonus marks from Physics, Chemistry, and biology. We are providing the complete list of bonus question, wrong answer, and multiple correct options. According to the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET-UG) 2017, the exam was very successful. The news of Paper Leak are false. But some culprits have been booked by police for fraud (admission in MBBS /BDS courses).

NEET 2017 Bonus Questions

Physics Bonus Marks

Question: The figure shows a circuit that contains three identical resistors with resistance R = 9.0 W each, two identical inductors with inductance L = 2.0 mH each, and an ideal battery with emf e = 18 V. The current ‘i’ through the battery just after the switch closed is,   …… :-

neet bonus questions

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(1) 0.2 A
(2) 2 A
(3) 0 ampere
(4) 2 mA

Ans. (Bonus)


at t = 0

neet bonus questions solution

Current through the battery is i = 2i 1 = 2 × 2 = 4A (Bonus)
According to question language, Capacitor is not mentioned so i= 2A

This is the bonus question number 26 of SET-X, please do check same question in SET A B C D W Y Z P Q R S. The solution of bonus mark is provided by ALLEN Kota.

NEET 2017 Answer Key (Test Booklet Code A B C D P Q R S W X Y Z) Solution


The photoelectric threshold wavelength of silver is 3250 × 10-10 m. The velocity of the electron ejected from a silver surface by ultraviolet light of wavelength 2536 × 10-10 m is :-

(Given h = 4.14 × 10 –15 eVs and c = 3 × 108 ms)

(1) » 0.6 × 10 6 ms–1 (2) » 61 × 10 3 ms–1 (3) » 0.3 × 10 6 ms–1 (4) » 6 × 10 5 ms –1

Ans. (1 or 4)

So this is not a bonus questions. But if you have chosen option 1 or option 4 then your answer is correct.

neet 2017 bonus marks

Chemistry Paper Wrong Options

Question: It is  because of  the inability of ns2 electrons of the valence shell to participate in bonding that:-

(1) Sn 2+ is oxidizing while Pb 4+ is reducing

(2) Sn 2+ and Pb 2+ are both oxidizing and reducing

(3) Sn 4+ is reducing while Pb 4+ is oxidizing

(4) Sn 2+ is reducing while Pb 4+ is oxidizing

Ans. (In English-4, In Hindi-1)

Sol. Sn +2 —-> Sn +4 (R.A) Sn +2 < Sn +4 Stability order

Pb +4 —>  Pb +2 (O.A) Pb +2 > Pb +4 Stability order (Inert pair effect)

So  Sn 2+ is reducing while Pb 4+ is oxidizing is the correct answer. This question has different answer option in HINDI language.

NEET 2017 Paper Analysis by Experts

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