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NEET 2017 Biology Question Paper & Solution/ Key

Download NEET 2017 Biology Question Paper & Solution: CBSE conducted all India Pre medical test (AIPMT Cum NEET 2017) for admission in MBBS/ BDS UG courses in Govt/ Private colleges in India. On 7 May 2017, NEET 2017 exam was held successfully. There were not cheating or paper leak news. There were twelve booklet sets of question papers in 10 languages. The NEET 2017 SETS are Paper CODE-A B C D P Q R S W X Y Z. The coaching center ALLEN has provided very fast solution and Answer key or Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Below is the complete questions from biology section. Total question asked are 90, you can download PDF file and check your answer. The cut-off marks details shall be soon provided by CBSENEET.NIC.IN and top coaching center ie. Aakash, RAO IIT, Triumph, Allen Kota, Bansal etc.

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NEET 2017 Biology Questions & Answers

1. Which one of the following statements is correct, with reference to enzymes?
(1) Holoenzyme = Apoenzyme + Coenzyme
(2) Coenzyme = Apoenzyme + Holoenzyme
(3) Holoenzyme = Coenzyme + Co-factor
(4) Apoenzyme = Holoenzyme + Coenzyme Ans. (1)

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2. A decrease in blood pressure/volume will not cause the release of :
(1) Atrial natriuretic factor(2) Aldosterone
(3) ADH (4) Renin
Ans. (1)

3. Which cells of “Crypts of Lieberkuhn” secrete antibacterial lysozyme?
(1) Paneth cells (2) Zymogen cells
(3) Kupffer cells (4) Argentaffin cells
Ans. (1)

4. Which of the following are not polymeric?
(1) Proteins (2) Polysaccharides
(3) Lipids (4) Nucleic acids
Ans. (3)

5. Functional megaspore in an angiosperm develops into?
(1) Endosperm (2) Embryo sac
(3) Embryo (4) Ovule
Ans. (2)

6. Myelin sheath is produced by:
(1) Astrocytes and Schwann cells
(2) Oligodendrocytes and Osteoclasts
(3) Osteoclasts and Astrocytes
(4) Schwann cells and Oligodendrocytes Ans. (4)

7. Attractants and rewards are required for:
(1) Entomophily (2) Hydrophily
(3) Cleistogamy (4) Anemophily
Ans. (1)

8.  Receptor sites for neurotransmitters are present on:
(1) Pre-synaptic membrane
(2) Tips of axons
(3) Post-synaptic membrane
(4) The membrane of synaptic vesicles Ans. (3)

9. Coconut fruit is a :
(1) Berry (2) Nut
(3) Capsule (4) Drupe
Ans. (4)

10. Adult human RBCs are enucleated. Which of the following statement(s) is/are most appropriate explanation for this feature?
(a) They do not need to reproduce
(b) They are somatic cells
(c) They do not metabolize
(d) All their internal space is available for oxygen
(1) only (a) (2) (a), (c) and (d)
(3) (b) and (c) (4) only (d)
Ans. (4)

11. Capacitation occurs in :
(1) Epididymis
(2) Vas deferens
(3) Female reproductive tract
(4) Rete testis Ans. (3)

12. Which of the following are found in extreme saline conditions?
(1) Eubacteria (2) Cyanobacteria
(3) Mycobacteria (4) Archaebacteria
Ans. (4)

Test Booklet Code A: Download Question Paper
Test Booklet Code B: Download Question Paper
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Test Booklet Code X: Download Question Paper
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Test Booklet Code Z: Download Question Paper

13. Asymptote in a logistic growth curve is obtained when :
(1) K = N
(2) K > N
(3) K < N
(4) The value of ‘r’ approaches zero Ans. (1)

14. Artificial selection to obtain cows yielding higher milk output represents :
(1) Directional as it pushes the mean of the character in one direction
(2) Disruptive as it splits the population into two, one
yielding higher output and the other lower output
(3) Stabilizing followed by disruptive as it stabilizes
the population to produce higher yielding cows
(4) Stabilizing selection as it stabilizes this character
in the population
Ans. (1)

15. Select the mismatch :
(1) Rhodospirillum – Mycorrhiza
(2) Anabaena – Nitrogen fixer
(3) Rhizobium – Alfalfa
(4) Frankia – Alnus
Ans. (1)

16. Good vision depends on adequate intake of carotene rich food :
Select the best option from the following statements :
(a) Vitamin A derivatives are formed from carotene
(b) The photopigments are embedded in the membrane discs of the inner segment
(c) Retinal is a derivative of Vitamin A
(d) Retinal is a light absorbing part of all the visual
photopigments Options :
(1) (a), (c) and (d) (2) (a) and (c)
(3) (b), (c) and (d) (4) (a) and (b)
Ans. (1)

17. The DNA fragments separated on an agarose gel can be visualised after staining with :
(1) Acetocarmine (2) Aniline blue
(3) Ethidium bromide (4) Bromophenol blue
Ans. (3)

18. The hepatic portal vein drains blood to liver from :
(1) Stomach (2) Kidneys
(3) Intestine (4) Heart
Ans. (3)

19. The vascular cambium normally gives rise to :
(1) Primary phloem (2) Secondary xylem
(3) Periderm (4) Phelloderm
Ans. (2)

20. Thalassemia and sickle cell anemia are caused due to a problem in globin molecule synthesis. Select the correct statement :
(1) Both are due to a quantitative defect in globin chain synthesis
(2) Thalassemia is due to less synthesis of globin molecules
(3) Sickel cell anemia is due to a quantitative problem of globin molecules
(4) Both are due to a qualitative defect in globin chain synthesis
Ans. (2)

21. The genotypes of a husband and Wife are IAIB and IAi
Among the blood types of their children, how many different genotypes and phenotypes are possible?
(1) 3 genotypes ; 4 phenotypes
(2) 4 genotypes ; 3 phenotypes
(3) 4 genotypes ; 4 phenotypes
(4) 3 genotypes ; 3 phenotypes Ans. (2)

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