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RE-NEET 2017 is Not Possible, Wait for Madras HC Decision

Good News for the Candidate who have appeared in CBSE NEET-UG 2017 exam, the Group of Students is going to file Plea in Supreme Court that, CBSE board has conducted National Eligibility Entrance Exam 2017 with no partiality. The group of students belongs to Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Rajasthan state. There is lots of talk around the TV news Channel that CBSE has not asked a similar question in other medium language NEET paper, but it is totally false news.

On 25 May 2017, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has also rejected Plea filed by the NGO Sankalp. The SC said that, there is no urgent need to of hearing NEET issue, as the Madras HC has already put stay hold on NEET 2017 result till 12 June 2017.

Meanwhile, other parents of candidates, are also planning to file CASE that their Wards were put lots of hard work/ preparing for 2 years just to become MBBS/ BDS doctors. This type of Cancelling NEET exam is very depressing. There are news going around twitter, tv channel that there is chances of RE-NEET 2017.

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Is NEET 2017 Cancelled?
Answer: No, the NEET UG 2017 is not canceled till now. The best decision shall be taken by Madras High Court/ Gujarat High Court.

Chances of Re-NEET 2017?
Answer: As per our research, there is very little chance to RE-NEET 2017 exam. The CBSE has already mentioned all the details, preparation of results, answer key.

When Official NEET 2017 Answer Key available?
Answer: As per India.com news, the official answer key, OMR view, challenge to answer key shall be available on 31st May 2017.

Changes in NEET Rule 2017.
Answer: No changes shall be done in this NEET 2017 exam. Don’t worry, your result & All India Rank shall be available soon after the decision of Madras Court special bench hearing.

You can discuss regarding NEET 2017, by commenting below.

All the best.

Responses from Students

  1. Neet is a National Level Exam which carries dreams of almost 12 Lakh students from every nook and corner of India. Yes, There are certain issues regarding different question sets in regional Languages, But What did the candidates do ? The hon’Ble exam committees conduct the Exam after a lot of checkings, Silly rules,and worst frisking and what if they didnt get 12 months time to cross check the question papers before exam ! The students have their rights too.. We are the Fellow citizens of a country like India and not the toys of an exam board .. You conducted re exam in 2015..students faced.. conducted AIPMT 2016 .. we wrote.. then renamed it as neet -1.. we still waited .. then the great neet 2 … 2 question papers in neet 1 and neet 2 and a single standardised results… Is Our Time not precious? Is our Hardwork respected ? .. Entrance exams besides hardwork depends on a person’s performance on the exam day.. your decision making , quickness, intelligence, and memory is tested in 3 hours .. 2 years or 3 years (for some) work pays off in 180 minutes.. every exam day might not come the same way !! So conducting A Re-exam would be totally against lakh of students too..WHATEVER HAPPENS NOW, AUTHORITIES ARE RESPONSIBLE.. and i plea the respected jury to be kind towards us and dont trouble our lives with a Reneet.. by Manu
  2. Re-neet is absolutely not required. Is it a joke to waste the public money and time. If the exam is restricted who is going to give the guarantee that it would be free from controversies. Giving Different question papers is already under practice since last year the NEET exam was conducted in different phases and a common rank was given that time there was no objection and now how the objection has crept in. This all appears to
    be the conspiracy of few people who could not do well in the exam. My daughter has done well on the exam expecting 570 marks many such well doing hard working students will be put to severe loss if the required exam is conducted. If the efficiency of CBSE not up-to the mark even after doing the rigorous exercise for the past 6 months how can one expect the efficiency would be improved in such a short span? Who gives the guaranty that the paper would not be leaked because there is no change in the official machinery. Owing all these I strongly condemn the idea of Re exam. I feel it is foolish to think in the direction re-exam itself. by RAVINDRA KUMAR

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  1. jaha aag lagti h vahi dhua uthta h.

    Why problems are with neet ,only due to active medical mafia possibly under the private medical college owners those are either politicians or there near and dear.
    they donot want to get success the neet same exam for all like IIT .
    why content of paper kept different for different area .?
    CBSE management comes in doubt.

    Different re exam conducted in warangle why?
    Why not following the same pattern of IIT exam ,content of exam same sequence of questions may be different.

    There are lot of news regarding paper leak ,truck hinge tempered in patna carrying the papers .
    Now politically pressuring the thins and cbse taking advantage to hide the failures.

    Some thing went wrong due to that so many news in media ,so no option only the option to re conducting the exam neet 2017 as a fresh .

    Do not delay.

    May some of you are not agree with me but this is true the exam was not conducted with same set of papers and there are 95 % chances of paper leak also.

    answers provided on admit card news.

    paper reached to candidates before 7 am

    f media is flashing such news definitely they have some evidence.

    So requesting to govt,cbse,MCI AND other agencies to accept their mistakes and finally requesting to HIGH COURT AND SUPREME COURT NOT TO SUPPORT THE CBSE TO MAKE SOME RATIONAL ARRANGEMENT TO DECLARE THE RESULTS.


    Thanks to all,

    • Mukesh Acharya "Pankaj"

      At NEET 2027 all major languages ​​were tested across India, including Tamil, English and Hindi,  The question paper in English was based on the CBSE course, while in Tamil was based on a state curriculum, CBSE has never told the candidates present for NEET that the question papers in different languages ​​will not be the same and they have a conscience of preparing different sets of questions in different languages. The current evaluation system is inversely contrary to Article 14 of the Constitution.

      And the children who have confidence in their qualifications, once they are tested or twice, they will again bring good numbers in the neet examination.

      The current assessment system violates Article 14 of the Constitution. Cbse should re-operate NEET with a set of same questions in all major languages ​​in India.

    • They provided us with different papers so dat chances of leak will be reduced.dear nothing will change in d reneet as well…instead if u need another chance den tell directly.

    • Waste fellow mind your tounge idiot I know you won’t get in reneet then why to worry go eat and sleep

  2. Neet is differ in different languages…so re neet is required

  3. After reading the articles in newspaper & other media, i surely feel that re-exam should be conducted . its a competitive examination and everyone should be given equal opportunity.Even my daughter appeared for NEET and she is expecting around 530 marks.she has a chance to get admission for MBBS .

  4. Modi government never again. It is against intelligence and honour .It bow downs over money.From its 3 years conducting the exam twice.Is it a joke like you?? Isn’t .So plz stop all this cheap does.I ll never select bjp again in my life nor my relatives nor the good ones.Its gov of cheaters and cheaters would support it always.Keep it up. ” Bjp valo 2 sal rhge”

  5. After testing all news n articles i think re neet should be held

  6. Re exam should be to keep equality among the States

  7. Last year also there were two NEET exams, two different question papers and so different question papers should not be a problem in testing the competency of the students. In oral exams all the students face different questions, we cannot term it as unfair way of examination. CBSE has prepared the different question papers for some states according to their syllabus of their respective boards. Level of difficulty is subjective and relative.
    So in my opinion CBSE should not do a RE NEET. If it does so it will not be doing justice to lakhs of student. Many of the students are frustrated with the delay in result declaration . Last year also it was very much delayed.I hope CBSE will declare the result soon.

    • Mithun Chakraborty

      One important thing dt some friends demand 4 reneet giving reason for regional language is tougher then English bt they write the comments in English nd also they demand please convert into English the YouTube videos of hindi dialogue this is a very important logic 4 us they can’t understand hindi nd understand easily the English bt where the question 4 reneet they love only regional language only HAHAHA

  8. Every year there is a drama regarding NEET. Either it is done by students who have not prepared well and done well or by private collages bosses who wants to make money. In this drama the students who are serious about medicine and who have been working hard towards their goals are affected badly. They are thoroughly demoralized and demotivated. That is why all intelligent and brilliant youth of our country go abroad study there and also get settled there. All our youth’s intelligence are made use by other countries. What is the poit in asking them to come back and serve India. If this scenario continues then our country will be having a good for nothing future generation. JAI HIND! SAVE INDIA!

  9. Michael chaudhary

    have any one seen syllabus of neet it like as go to infinity. can medical student always be fucked like this. this very unfair in India. if you are taking exam you should maintain all this unusual stuffs. it is not possible to study that again and again. the leaders who don’t know abcd are sitting as government and taking exams. this is very unfair in future also it will happen. we do all hard work to get a seat but these all do a joke with us. why ias have to give toughest exam and leaders got election ticket as like getting a biscuit in any store. only we have to give exam throughout our life and they will make fun of the exam like neet and all. just shame shame shame and shame

  10. There are always a group of students in class who themselves don’t study and they also don’t let the others study well,they love to harass other good students. It is these culprits who are spreading rumors that the neet question papers in different languages had different levels of difficulties. Who are u 2 decide if a question was tough or easy. Only 9.25% students in India opted for vernacular language. If reneet is done then it should only happen for these 9.25% pupils because there obviously can be a lot of good and deserving students among them. There must not be any reneet for the rest 90.75% students who opted for English. And we should all remember that neet had promised a common medical entrance test and not a common medical entrance question paper for all.

  11. I think there must be reneet ..

  12. There should not be any reneet.Just for a few dumb students who does not even know how to give the exam neet. the deserving students should not be put into trouble by cancelling neet.Even if 10 reneets are taken. the students demanding reneet now wll never be able to improve.Good students will always be serious irrespective of the language of the paper.

  13. Pray for the students who wnt reneet.if neet 2 is conducted they will demand for neet 3 , 4 , 5……


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